Stardust IRC Network

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Port: 6697 (SSL) or 6667
Main-Channel: #stardust

We are also accessible over Tor/.onion-link:
4eav3ecmqbrjoo3ivqc7cfezkl5mrui3olwba77bohijdu5d2i4sirad.onion (Ports 6697 (TLS) or 6667)
or I2P:
sa4rhxcabofmjx2pdbqiz27mm5ewoflejqxnpkqpmmnxaisttd3a.b32.i2p (Port 6667)

or use the Webchat

(or try one of the other Servers)


What is IRC?

If you have no idea about IRC or don't know how to connect, etc., check out our Info-Site about IRC.


Our concept is to provide an IRC network with free speech
and a place to get all the good people together from different servers,
to provide one place where they can all come together,
though without replacing the other IRC-Networks.

StardustNetwork stands for principles like freedom of speech,
privacy, data protection, web security, freedom of thoughts,
of opinion, etc., as a sane place in contrast to the
mad world right now as well as an alternative to the ongoing
madness of Web 2.0, IRCv3 & Co. and as a place for people to come
together peacefully from different places/servers, and much more...

StardustNetwork is unique and unlike any other network.
Everyone is welcome who is not trolling or doing any other negative stuff against the other users.
As well we dont kick or ban users just randomly, except when you doing really hostile stuff, we are a
free community-driven network and trying to create a new positive project,
that is unique and unlike any other network.

Learn more about Stardust...

We got a couple of the best IRC-bots with thousands of great commands:
feuerzeug, botulism (limnoria), katyusha, Atlas (modified Sopel),...

Several theme channels exist like #paranormal, #politics, #crypto, #spirituality, #coding ...
as well some language-themed channels like #deutsch (german),...
Everyone can create new channels of course.

We got several bridge-channels on StardustNetwork with bridges to other networks, bridge-networks (#spirituality, #buddhism), or protocols (XMPP (#digdeeper)). Therefore more activity exists on Stardust than the actual number of users may imply first on these channels:
#digdeeper, #spirituality, #buddhism, #paranormal,, #music, #movies, #lounge,
and newly the channel #videogames.

As well other projects are planned on the network and as a community-driven network we are open for all positive ideas and everyone can contribute.

Check out also, sibling server of and part of the network


Radio Stardust

Network-own radio with 24/7 Art Bell / C2C, Music & Extras