Paranormal Bridge

The 'Paranormal Bridge' is a union of ca. 10 IRC channels about paranormal topics like
UFOs, Cryptids, Paranormal Phenomena, Ghosts, Psychics, PSI, Conspiracy theories, etc.

The channels are connected via the Spaceship Bridge Bot (SpiritBox in IRCNet).
That way users from different channels & networks can speak to another. You will see them as:

<Spaceship> [net] <user> Hello World!

That being "Spaceship" being the bot of course, "net" being the network in which the user is (see list below),
and "user" being the name of the user writing.

Following channels are part of the bridge:

#paranormal @ StardustNetwork
#paranormal @ IRCNet
#alien @ EFNet
##conspiracytheories @ Libera
#MysteryNewsTV @ Libera
#MysteryNewsTV @ Freenode
#paranormal @ UnderNet
#paranormal @ EFNet
#paranormal @ Freenode
#paranormal @ Rizon
#paranormal @ Snoonet


If you got a channel that fits the topic and would like it to join the bridge, let us know.


Paranormal Stuff


More Documentaries / Public Channel-Folder

Footage of Greys:
(Attention: Could be disturbing to some)

More Information about the Paranormal Bridge or about Paranormal Stuff may follow...